Holiday in the sun? 5 makeup products you need to look #fabulous anywhere.

Hey beautiful people! Do you find yourself packing too many makeup products when packing to travel and end up not using most of them? Yeah, I know. Me too. Lol. But I’m here today to help us packing hoarders be more space and time efficient with these 5 makeup products you should bring with you when travelling.


#1 BB Cream

So if you didn’t know, BB cream actually stands for blemish balm but compared to just treating the spots on your face, it’s more of an all-purpose cream. It can act as the base for makeup like a primer, even out your complexion, hydrate skin, brighten your complexion and some contain SPF too! It can even work as a foundation or concealer because it has coverage. Told you it was all-purpose, and that’s exactly what you want when you’re travelling. Yas?

Just remember that when shopping for bb creams, shop as if you’re looking for a skincare product. Which means, shop according to your skin type. If you’re not too sure, there are bb creams like Kate Powdery Mousse BBBurt’s Bees BB Cream, and the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream that are suitable for most skin types.

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#2 Compact/ Translucent setting powder.

The purpose of using powders is to smoothen out your features and to lock any kind of liquid products like concealer, foundation, primer, bb cream, into place and make it last longer. (tried foundation without powder once, nuh-uh, no honey)

Holiday in the sun? 5 makeup products you need to look #fabulous anywhere.

So definitely bring that compact to make sure your makeup stays in place! Since you’ll be busy going around the place because travelling. It’s also the best way to quickly touch-up your makeup once your face starts getting sweaty and oily.

If you’re looking for a more matte finish you can try the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish or the Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Pressed Powders.  But if you’re looking for a more glowy finish, try the Canmake Transparent Finish Powder. It has micro glitters to give you that added glow.

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#3 A good Eyeshadow Palette

Picking the right palette for your trips is one of the most important things. It could seriously make or break your look. Why? Because with one palette (the right palette) you can go from cute to glam without a hitch. It needs to be just the right size, colours, and amount of products. Am I stressing you out? Don’t worry, I have some recommendations to help out –

I really like the Tartlette Tease Amazonian Clay Palette, the Zahara Smoke Eyeshadow Palette or the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette.

All three are neutral shades that go with anything and have awesome pigmentation! With these palettes, you can use the lighter shades for a more demure look and the darker shades in the crease for a more glam look but they also fit right in the palm of your hand, so no hassle to bring around. And with travelling, you want to lessen the number of products right?

So on top of being able to do versatile makeup looks, you can even use the lighter brown shades to fill in your brows and the darker shades as eye-liner. #convenientmuch

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#4 Mascara

Mascara is an essential part of makeup. It brings definition to your eyes by volumizing and lengthening your lashes. It also makes your makeup look more polished and complete. Not only that, it’s definitely a must-have during a trip away.

You might think that, mascara can only shape the lashes why would I need it? but nope. With the right tools, it can also be used as an eyeliner. Just take some product off the wand using a liner brush and line the eyes, no problem.

The mascara I think would be great, as it gives a long and natural yet polished finish with no clumping (Yas right? love this for date nights), is the Zahara Daredevil Lashes or for something with crazy lengthening and volumizing power (my jaws literally dropped for this one) the Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara. They’re both super black, so they’re great as eyeliners too!

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#5 Your favourite pink or red lipstick

Why these colours? You may ask. Well, a nice soft pink lipstick would go with any look making you look more feminine and soft while a red lipstick would instantly make your look more #glam. But most importantly, these shades can double as your blusher too! No big ol’ blush pans needed. Just dab your lip colour onto your cheeks with your finger and voila! cream blusher that matches your lipstick perfectly. But make sure to blend it while it’s still wet or you might find yourself with a harsh line on your face.

I do recommend using bullet lipsticks for a more forgiving application since it doesn’t dry as fast like the Tarte color splash hydrating lipstick in Mauve (like the one available in the set below) or the Colourpop matte lux lipstick in Paparazzi, but liquid lipstick is cool too, just takes some practice. If you opt for liquid lipsticks, you could use the Zahara Sweetie Matte Lip Cream for a more pinky nude look or the Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Lipstick in Red velvet for a more daring red cheek look.

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I know these are not the conventional ways of wearing makeup but hey, just with these 5 products you’d have a full flawless face ready to meet anyone and go anywhere! Let’s be real, that’s impressive and super convenient. #makeupisawesome

If you guys have other product recommendations to take travelling with you, send us a review at or let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you ♥