Why Is Nail Polish Suddenly “Halal”?

When I was in high school (which was more than 10 years ago, I’m so old TT), I was always told scary stories by the ustazah about nail polish; like females who die while wearing nail polish will have it hard in death because. it will be hard to remove during the process of cleaning the corpse. 
Thinking back, it’s obviously not true, and was probably just an easy way to trick us teenagers. But ever since then I’ve had this strong belief that nail polish = Haram 

But what makes nail polish Haram in the first place?

There are multiple ongoing discussions on whether or not nail polish is “Haram”, such as how it’s Haram due to the fact that Muslim women should not wear anything that would attract a man’s attention. 

But in reality, nail polish is not Haram. It is only considered so because with it on, you won’t be able to perform ablution (wudhu’) as water can’t penetrate through to your nails.
As long as you apply it after wudhu’ and remove it before taking wudhu’, it is not Haram to use nail polish! (don’t forget to make sure there are no animal-based ingredients though!)
But that means you have to take it off 5 times a day...
Exactly. As someone who fancies wearing nail polish, that’s just too troublesome. Luckily though, science is awesome and the nail polish industry has finally started to cater to us muslim women! *shrieks*. Say hello to breathable and water-permeable nail polish that makes it possible for us Muslims to wear on the daily!
Why Is Nail Polish Suddenly "Halal"?
Source : Zahara Cosmetics

How does breathable nail polish work?

Normal nail polish creates an impermeable layer, meaning no water or oxygen can get through to the nails. Which constricts the nails sometimes making it turn yellow.

Why Is Nail Polish Suddenly "Halal"?
but breathable nail polish on the other hand is designed to allow water and oxygen to pass through, making it healthier for the nails and safe for Muslim use. (no need to remove it 5 times a day)

Are all water-permeable nail polishes Halal?

No. There are other factors that also need to be taken into consideration when using water-permeable nail polishes. Such as, are the ingredients being used Halal? and has it truly been proven to be wudhu’ friendly? For more information on the subject, and to check on it’s validity please read more about it on IslamQA

So, where can I buy this Halal Nail Polish?

There are several places where you can find Halal nail polish, but the one that I would like to recommend most is the Zahara brand nail polish from Zahara Cosmetics.
Zahara was the first company to start making Halal nail polish in Asia and girl did they do an amazing job! 

Their nail polishes come in 8 really pretty shades and 1 oxygen topcoat. 

[products columns=”3″ orderby=”title” order=”” ids=”217711, 217716, 217720, 217723, 217728, 217731″]
It’s only advisable to use 2 coats at most for water to go through though but this polish is super comfy!
It even dries quickly and is durable. (it can last up to a week with minimal chipping)
I’ve tried other nail polishes and this one is definitely a 10/10!
[products columns=”3″ orderby=”title” order=”” ids=”217734, 217738, 217744″]
Halal nail polish is still a largely controversial topic amongst muslims, but we hope that it will improve in the future. 
If you have any opinions, let us know in the comments. And if you have reviews or recommendations of good and Halal nail polish, check out our website justkosme.com and share them with us!